Park Kit creates conversion-focused websites which perform excellently on desktop, mobile and tablet. Our goal? To boost visitors and convert them into long-lasting customers.

We have years of experience in building websites for holiday home sales and also holiday reservations, for individual parks to multi-park websites.

Design and Build

Our design work ensures that your website won't just be attractive - it will also work brilliantly for your users from day one.

Every website we design combines the park's requirements and personal style; creative, innovative elements; and a deep understanding of how users interact with it. We'll work closely with you to create a website that you love the look of and your customers love to use. Check out some examples below of the variety of websites we've built for holiday parks.

Development Platforms

Though we have experience in many platforms, our speciality is building websites in Drupal. We've used Drupal for over a decade thanks to its reliability, usability and flexibility.

  • Drupal allows for unique and innovative experiences

The sky is the limit for what you want on your park website. From personalised booking tools, interactive elements, specialised landing pages, we can build what you need in a way that is easily editable by you going forwards. 

  • Easily create and edit the content on your website

Having a website that looks great to customers is one thing, but it also needs to work easily for you too! The back-ends of our websites are simple to manage, and edit, so you can have as much (or little) content as you want on your site.

  • It’s a stable and powerful platform

Our websites are fast to load on all devices, plus, because Drupal is such a stable platform, you can rely on them always staying online. They're also completely secure, so your customers can feel safe browsing or during transactions.

Check out some examples of park websites we've built below!

Bespoke website examples

Please find a selection of the websites which Park Kit has designed and built over the years

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